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At Mediterranean Pita, our objective is to offer quality alternatives of
superior standards, to the restaurateur and the retailer that wishes to feature
the best genuine products with authentic flavors and truly wholesome ingredients
at the most competitive and fair price.

Pita & Flat Bread

All the Mediterranean brand pitas & flatbreads are made with our unique recipes. Our products
are famous for their unparalleled light, soft and velvety texture.

Gyro Products

Our Gyro meat products are made with our own specific spice blend and the exclusive use of
"choice" beef and lamb.

Halal Products

Our Halal Gyro products are made under the supervision of the Islamic CO-OP and in accordance to the
Islamic traditions. Every ounce of every ingredient we use in the manufacturing of this family of products
is 100% Halal Certified.

Imported Cheese

Greek Cheese
Mediterranean has partnered up with the most reputable dairycompany in Central Greece who adhere
to the strictest quality guidelines and always offer us a consistently superior product.

Bulgarian Cheese
Mediterranean Pita imports a full line of Bulgarian white and yellow, semi-hard cheeses made from
the highest quality ingredients.

Swirl Pies and Phyllo

"Back to basics" seems to be the trend for a number of our new products. This unique line of frozen entrees is
made with completely natural ingredients, absolutely no preservatives and of course, NEVER any Trans fat.
Original recipes from northern Greece, reproduced for your culinary joy and satisfaction.

Greek Olives

All of our imported olives come from Greece. We take pride in the caliber and work ethic of our
overseas collaborators and we guarantee the authenticity of the country of origin.

Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is naturally flavorful, with an intense aroma of the fresh cut green olive.
Our suppliers have earned our trust and we would welcome the challenge to earn yours.

Specialty Grocery

We import an impressive line of specialty items from the Mediterranean sun-belt. We hand-pick
reputable manufacturers who consistently supply us with quality products.

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