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Imported Cheese

Mediterranean has partnered up with the most reputable dairy company in central
Greece. We market our Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Feta under the
brand name "Roussas".The cheese is produced in a state of the art facility. Our Greek
partners adhere to the strictest quality guidelines and always offer us a consistently superior
product with a smooth velvety texture and just the right balance of salt.

Precise planning and clear communication allows us to offer the final product to the consumer
at its natural peak; properly aged, with perfectly matured flavor and texture. “Roussas” P.D.O. Feta
is available in most of the popular retail and food service packages

This seal guarantees that these products are manufactured in the traditional ways, using specific ingredients from Greece as approved and dictated by the European community.
Roussas Feta in 12x7 oz. is vacuumed packed for retail sales
Roussas Feta in 12x14 oz. re-sealable, plastic containers is packed with natural brine.
Roussas Feta in 4x1 Kg. & 2x2 Kg. re-sealable, plastic containers is great for smaller delis, restaurants that do not use enough imported Feta or a cheese loving family.
Our 13 Kg. (28.6 lbs) tins or plastic pails are the traditional pack for imported soft brined cheeses. This size works well for restaurants, delis and grocery stores.
This barrel-aged Feta comes in a half plastic barrel, 30 Kg. (66 lbs). Perfect for the traditional ethnic deli.
Barrel Aged Feta, 50 Kgr (110 Lbs).”The Roussas Flagship”. Aged in beech wood barrels, this Feta is a little bit more firm and a little bit more spicy. It appeals to the palate of the most discriminating consumer. The “Feta” of choice for the traditional ethnic store can also be found at the selves of a prominent food market chain specializing in organic foods and an ever growing number of gourmet stores throughout the country.

Bulgarian Cheese

Besides Greece, other neighboring countries produce similar white brined cheese. Most of these products are a combination of sheep’s and goat’s milk or straight sheep’s milk. Mediterranean Pita imports a full line of Bulgarian white and yellow, semi-hard cheeses made from the highest quality ingredients. We have pack sizes that can accommodate any application from the smallest retail pack to the traditional 12 Kg. containers.

These are our most popular pack sizes:

Traditional Bulgarian Feta in 12 Kg. tins
Traditional Bulgarian Feta in 2x7 Kg. tins Traditional Bulgarian Feta in 2x6 Kg. tins
Traditional Bulgarian Feta in 12x1 lb. & 12x2 lbs. (12x 900gr) re-sealable, plastic containers.
Kashkaval in
• 9 Kg. wheels
• 1 Kg. wheels
• 1 lb. mini wheels
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