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Gyro Products

In 1997 Mediterranean Pita established strong ties with Corfu Foods.

The two companies with their combined lines of manufactured and imported
products are in the unique position to offer their clientele:

  • An impressive variety of specialty food products
  • Quality assurance providing peace of mind and security
  • The logistic convenience of two major distribution centers in the northeast and mid-west

Our Gyro meat products are produced by Corfu Foods and are made with our own specific
spice blend and the exclusive use of “choice” beef and lamb.

Our gyro meat products are available in three main recipes:
• 100% Beef
• Traditional which includes beef & lamb
• 100% certified Halal beef

The most frequent gyro application calls for the "Gyro Cone". Cones are
available in different sizes, ranging from a small 10 lb cone or up to a 50 lb cone.

Cones are cooked in vertical broilers. We carry both electric and gas broilers in
sizes to accommodate any of our cones.

For users where the gyro sandwich is a secondary entree, we feature the same
cone recipes in smaller, more convenient packages. These 5-10 lbs loaves (whole
or sliced) are available raw or pre-cooked.

If you are looking for something tasty with less guilt, the choice is chicken gyros -
available in smaller cones, fully cooked loaves and slices.

The Grecian white sauce, or better known as “Tzatziki”, is a necessary
complement to the gyro sandwich.

Part of our commitment to our retail endeavor is the family pack. This convenient
pack at your grocer’s freezer has everything you need to make your own gyro at
home and on demand. Each kit contains pita bread, pre-cooked & sliced gyro meat
and tzatziki sauce.

Everybody LOVES to barbeque in the summertime. Now you can try our new
quarter pounder gyro patties. You can now have the gyro flavor you crave for in
your own back yard
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