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Greek Olives

A friend once said
".....Five olives a day, keep the cardiologist away".
Thanks for the advice, John.

All of our imported olives come from Greece. We take pride in the caliber and work ethic
of our overseas collaborators. We unconditionally guarantee the authenticity of the country of
origin, the olive size and the exact drained net weight of each and every olive product we import.

We carry three basic varieties:

  • Kalamata Olives
  • Greek Black Olives (Volos) and
  • Green Olives (Agrinion)

We feature each variety as a whole product, pitted or sliced. All olives come in various containers
for both food service & retail applications.

Kalamata Olives need no introduction. The unmistakable flavor and texture cannot be duplicated. These are the most popular of the Greek olives and one must make sure they are getting the real thing (there are a lot of look-alikes in the market).

Besides, the Greek salad, Kalamata olives can now be found in an ever growing number of gourmet recipes. Kalamata slices and wedges are being used by high-end pizzerias & bakeries in the preparation of olive loaf bread.


For a more fresh olive flavor with a crunch, we suggest the green
olives from central Greece. These are available whole, pitted,
sliced and pitted stuffed with garlic, pimento and almonds.

The Greek black olives are the juiciest of them all.
These tasty olives are meaty with a soft skin.

These are some of our most popular olive containers:

This traditional food service pack is 5 Gallons by volume. All
whole olives in this pack are 12 Kg exact drained net weight.
All pitted or pitted and stuffed olives in this package are 10 Kg,
exact drained net weight.

Bag in a box, is the traditional food service pack for sliced olives & wedges.
Each case contains: 2 Bags x 3.2 Kg each (2x7.05 lbs), exact
drained net weight.
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